300 Polaroids is a collaborative series of painted Polaroids by Bijou Karman and photographer David Lekach. Over the course of three years, this series has developed into hundreds of unique works that incorporate each of these artists' distinct styles. Beginning with Polaroids that Lekach shoots of subjects ranging from fashion models, to landscapes, to neon relics, this extensive archive of photographs is given to Karman to highlight, interpret, and contextualize with applications of thick acrylic paint on their surface. The resulting transformation is an overlay of confident female figures, nostalgic flower power adornment, and scenes where vibrant characters dance in their shadows. 300 Polaroids takes its pleasure in road trips across the American West, long nights awake in a roadside motel, and exploring the landscape searching for exhilaration. Lekach's photos use perspective and intimacy that vicariously transport the viewer into seductive narratives of romance and freedom. Karman's paintings create meta-narratives that embody the emotions of the subjects. Together, this freewheeling body of work creates a new perspective of what it means to be young in America.